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  • "Great staff and friendly doctors. I've logged over 50 hours shadowing and being a patient here. Great office."
    Justin H.
  • "I had my first dental work procedure done today and was absolutely terrified at the thought of doing it, but Dr. Stanphill and his assistant, Jeleta, helped me feel more relaxed and the work went fine! After the numbing medicines went way there was zero pain! I'm feel a million times better for future work I'm going to have done there! If you are a needle phobic or dentist shy person like me you will be in great hands here! Great dentist and staff! :)"
    Peach C.
  • "I can't say enough good things about Dr. Stanphill and his staff. We see another dentist in town and our son had a freak dental accident at school. Our dentist was on vacation and they referred us here ... They saw us immediately, bending over backwards for patients that aren't even theirs. The staff was so helpful and kind, calling and finding an endodontist to see us ASAP. My 8-year-old was comfortable the entire time. So many thanks and appreciation for the kindness they showed us in a really stressful moment."
    Jackie M.

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